Monday, July 5, 2010

Don't be shy in asking for help when hosting a big group!

Wow! Things have been so busy here and my blog has taken a back seat lately. I've missed it and am back! =)

Recently, I had another big cooking project! We hosted a Birthday Party and had 60 guests.
Sloppy Joes
Hot Chicken Sandwiches
Pasta Salad
Potato Casserole
Birthday Cake/Ice Cream
(I had help with Fresh Mixed Fruit, Veggie Tray, Cheese Dip, & a cooler of canned pop/water....Thanks Kristen, Stacy, & Annie!)
Assorted Beverages

What a FUN party! We had lots of children and put up a Kiddie Pool, Bouncy House (Thanks to Michele for bringing it!), & Slide for the little ones. We did get soaked from a late day storm. We moved to the house for a bit, but everyone took it in stride. =)

Tips/Hints: Hosting & cooking for a get-together for a large group doesn't need to be daunting! Don't be shy in asking for help when hosting a big group. Decide on your menu and decide what you can handle and then ask friends and family for help with the rest. People most generally are happy to help and actually like being a "part of the action"!

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