Friday, July 9, 2010

How to Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day

July 9th - - - It's National Sugar Cookie Day! Here's an idea for celebrating today!

Moms and Grandmas...dig out your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Gather the kids and head to the grocery store (or your pantry if you are well stocked) and let each child select their "signature sprinkle/decorations". Then spend some quality time baking up, frosting, and decorating the sweet treat together. This is perfect for all ages and a wonderful way to incorporate some math lessons for the younger ones without them even knowing it. With your teen or tween child or grandchild this may provide a nice relationship building and conversation time in a non-confrontational and enjoyable way. Enjoy your baking efforts together and then consider making up some containers of cookies to share. Share your cookies --- visit an elderly relative or neighbor. They'll appreciate the visit probably more than the cookies and it will provide a lesson in kindness for the children. (Do check on the dietary restrictions of anyone you share your cookies with to make sure they can have sugar and/or other ingredients in your recipe.)

If you have a great Sugar Cookie Recipe...will you share it here? =)

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