Friday, April 16, 2010

8 Week Weight Loss Challenge

I am joining Lisa at 'This Mommy Works' in the 8 week weight loss challenge. I am hoping to add some helpful content here in my blog postings that focus on Healthy, Low-Calorie, Lower Glycemic Index, etc. recipes that can be made ahead and frozen. My thought is that as convenient as it is to have meals ready to go on my busy days, wouldn't it be just as convenient as probably so much easier to "stay on plan" when meals that comply with my plan are "at the ready"? Plus: portion control could be more easily achieved. ....More to come on this along with blog postings on entertaining, cooking for a crowd, freezer cooking, OAMC......=)
1 lb at a time

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  1. Thanks for joining, Kelley!
    Cooking and freezing is a great idea!